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Ajaye Kumar

Ajaye Kumar

(Web Developer & Designer)

As technology has seen quick advancement in the last few decades, various companies have benefited simultaneously. It is a time of Computer Era. Today the time has changed, everything is going to be digitalised or has been digitalised. Today, each complicated task has been simplified to a normal job which can be efficiently handled by those who are well versed with latest technology in Computer field & machinery.

I was born and brought up in Kolkata and graduated from Kolkata University (West Bengal). I have been serving in Film Industry as well as outside the film Industry for last 18 years as a Publicity Designer and Web Developer. 'GLOBAL DESK' started in 2005, it is a firm and has to be grown slowly in the Computer era. Basically, it is a firm / desk of creative field like: Software and Web Development, Programming, Designing, Web Designing, Graphic Design and Animation etc.

PLANNING TO START "CINE GLOBAL-Digital Promotional Website"
As I stated above, I have been serving in Film Industry for last 18 years. There are so many producers and directors who, after making the film, could not afford to promote their films online due to heavy budget as other online promotional companies demand more. I just made a plan in my mind and decided to create online Digital Promotional Website of film (Hindi and other Regional languages together), name as "CINE GLOBAL", by which anybody can afford to promote their films easily through this platform.