Mad... It can be anyone


Starcast: Aseem Ali Khan, Mahi, Karan Mallik, Milind Gunaji, Mustaq Khan, Ganesh Jadhav and Govind Namdev

Director: Jayprakash Shaw

Producer: Deepak Mukut and Co-producers Roli Prakash, Y.K. Sharma

Writer: Miraq Mirza

Music: Anand-Milind and lyricist Ibrahim Ashq, Sandeepnath, Miraq Mirza

Cinematographer: Prem Ningoo

Editor: Manoj Mishra

Released: End of December 2019

Film Details:

Manav and Mahi are a married couple. They walked down the aisle around three years back. Though Manav had been in love with her one-sidedly right from school days, she didn’t know about his feelings. It was indeed an arranged marriage for her as Manav was her mother’s choice. She had just given her approval to the marriage proposal. A short-tempered as also slightly abnormal, Manav is inordinately obsessed about her. His possessiveness for Mahi is in fact to the level of madness. It is hard for him to tolerate a guy looking at her, let alone a friendly hug on peak.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Manav gets killed in an accident after falling into the sea from an over-bridge. However, his dead-body is not found so a case of accidental death is registered by the police. Shaken up by the unexpected death of Manav, Mahi gets emotionally disturbed and suffers a trauma. In this hour of need, her childhood friend, Sonali comes forward and stands by her like a strong pillar. She gives her all possible emotional support and takes care of her all round. On the advice of psychiatrist Dr. Sandhya, Sonali decides to take her to an island town for a long holiday as it would help her forget the tragic past and rid her of the emotional suffering.

The story shifts from a Metro City to an island town. Sonali along with Mahi comes to this town and stays at her boyfriend’s bungalow. It is here that Milind Grover, a local singer, loses his heart to her. It happens in a musical concert where Mahi comes as an audience. While performing Milind watches her and gets swept away by her physical charm at the first sight. However, Mahi takes time to respond to his feelings. She reciprocates his love only after Mahi and her boyfriend Gaurav have convinced her that it is probably the God-sent happiness for her. She was never in love with Manav, nor did he ever prove to be an ideal life-partner, so there is no harm in staring her life afresh with Milind. Sonali and Gaurav reason out with her so as to persuade her for Milind’s love. And finally she is convinced. Mahi sees in Milind the love of her life and begins to build a easel of happiness in her mind. It is at this juncture that Manav, her husband who was killed in the accident, mysteriously reappears in this town. But instead of meeting her, he checks in at a Resort and starts keeping a watch on the romantic developments that take place between Mahi and Milind.